StudioMVW Won Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018

Release Time:2018-01-23  

 StudioMVW has won a Wallpaper* design Awards for 2018, the prestigious recognition awarded by the English interior design magazine of the same name which annually gives awards to people, places, objects and phenomena that have stood out during the previous year.

 A jury of personalities made up of illustrious personages from the world of design, architecture, fashion, and lifestyle, together with the Wallpaper* team named our JinShi Pink Jade Coffee Table as “Best Blushers” of the year.

The coffee table “Jinshi” is composed of cloudy pink jade top and maintained by three spheres of a subtle pink gold color. The rounded metalize basis alike its top in apparent suspension echo the surrealist spirit of pink jade, precious stone filled with magic properties and sumptuous powdery transparency.

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